Procedimientos Civiles y Mercantiles.


Since it was founded, the firm has been distinguished with the trust of prominent individuals as well as important national, foreign and multinational companies, that honor us by appointing our members as their attorneys and legal advisors. Therefore it is our privilege to serve them in all of their commercial, civil, corporate, tax, and administrative needs. For assistance in criminal and tax cases the Firm has the support of efficient professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in those fields, while we support and supervise.

We assist executive staff in its entrepreneurial policies, supervise their contracting in the ordinary course of business, support their decisions with legal and doctrinal bases; adapt to changing market dynamics of corporate structures, elaborate or modify internal regulations for a healthy labor-management relationship, assist in the prevention of unnecessary tax burdens; we work closely with your auditing firm and provide the necessary legal support, protect and register your industrial and intellectual property rights; and manage delinquent credit accounts, administratively and judicially.

We keep our clientele up to date on the effects of new legal regulations applicable to its business, proposing measures to adapt as appropriate.

We also provide specialized services at the request of our customers, as is the case with cadastral, notary and property registration services to private companies for real estate development projects.